How to quickly shrink the shoulder

Fat that accumulates on the shoulder of course, can make the appearance less attractive, especially for women who like to wear clothes that expose the shoulder area.
To tighten the upper body, can be done by burning excess body fat with cardiovascular exercise and build muscle with weight training.

Here are some ways to lose fat on the shoulder to make it look fast :
– Push ups are an effective way to burn fat in the shoulder. If you want to do exercises that will work on biceps, triceps, arm and shoulder at the same time, you have to do some push ups. Doing this exercise will help burn calories and also help you strengthen your back and lose weight.

– Tighten the triceps Raise your left arm straight up, then place your right hand on left elbow. Pull and slowly bend your elbow toward the right shoulder which is then stretched. Hold for 20 seconds, then repeat with your right arm.

– Barbells and weight lifting exercises There are several weight training can do to burn fat at the upper body such as shoulders and arms, among others, barbells and weight lifting. There are three main areas on the arm that can isolate and strengthen muscles, the biceps, triceps and shoulders. By doing this exercise, the body will be difficult to store fat in the shoulders and arms because the muscles are always working.

– Swimming is a sport that combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training, especially for the upper body such as shoulders. People with body weight 63.5 kg who swim 25 meters /minute for 30 minutes can burn 200 calories.

– Exercises using a chair muscle toning and fat loss in the shoulder can also be done with the exercise chair. You do this by putting your palms on the edge of a sturdy chair and stack your weight on the hands. Bend the legs to form an angle of about 90 degrees. Then slowly lower the buttocks to the floor by bending your arms and push back up until your arms straight back, but do not use aid to boost the body’s feet and pile weight on the hands. Do one set of 8 to 15 repetitions.
Good luck


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I was born in Bandung, the provincial jawabarat I have a wife and a daughter. First I am a photographer and is now active in the social health of the environment in my area
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